Artist Profile

Alonso L Ortega

Artboards (2020)

Statement of Work

The Crossroad billboards are sister canvases held high in steel framing, inviting visual trickery, architecture + imagination. The mural will use these features in conjunction with the intangible dimensions of human conditions, bringing the concept of space and familiarity to one. Similar to an illusion the artwork needs people for it to work, it is not to be confused with a still image but rather an immersive and collaborative object altering depending on its interaction. One may perceive polish spheres varying in size and location as they float and are penetrated by the perimeter, others may register an enclosed habitat with vibrant, semi-reflective walls, some may even be so perplexed as to be hypnotized by curiosity.

Whether you find comfort in the known box or the unusual soft round edges of an ink blob, the ability to question what is being intrusive in this setting will allow for this piece to be more than an image and become space.

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