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Amber ‘Flutienastiness’ Underwood

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Flutienastiness is a modern and fresh take on smooth jazz and R&B sounds with a touch of Latin, Funk and Gospel. Flutienastiness uses the rich tones and colors of the flute to interpret the various styles and genres of jazz.

‘This Is Me’ the debut album from Flutienastiness is a touch of all my feelings, life journeys and an inside look into Amber 'Flutienastiness' Underwood as a person beyond the stage. This album is for all the female artists and musicians who have been criticized or not excepted when it comes to their work, art or music and felt like they didn't belong. 'This Is Me' is my testimony that all things are possible and not be afraid to create your OWN lane.

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“Everyone needs a flute player, they just didn’t know it”

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