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Cory Imig

Studio Resident (2010)

Rocket Grant (2011)

Artboards (2013)


Art Omi (2015)

Fiber, Installation, Sculpture, Textiles
Statement of Work

What is the relationship between two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional forms? How can manipulations of a space foreground its changes over time? In what ways can imagined manipulations shift perceptions of a space without any physical changes at all? I examine questions like these through a process of building, moving, observing, and rearranging the assembled spaces that surround us. These methods produce large scale installations and site proposals that alter spaces physically, visually, and temporally.

My manipulations ask the viewer to imagine space differently, including how it interacts with their body, how they move through it, and the objects within it. The installations play with perceptions of both the second and third dimensions, inviting viewers to flip back and forth between them. This process intentionally blurs the boundaries between the physical space and the work itself, and brings the viewer in as a moving component of the work. Everything is active.

These installations, which I refer to as site-sensitive, equalize the balance between place and time. I respond specifically to each site, allowing materials to shift and dictate relationships between one another and the space itself. A key strategy is how my installations change during the time they are installed. Components of the work move fast or slow, and linear elements stretch when tension loosens and gravity becomes apparent. These various time scales exist not only in the work but also in the site itself.

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