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Haley Kostas

Studio Resident (2021-2022)

Rocket Grant (2019)

Exhibitions/Performances (2022)

Dance, Performance, Writer
Statement of Work

As a multidisciplinary dance artist and choreographer with a growing background in psychology, my work pushes contemporary dance into new forms, expanding the medium’s boundaries through contemplative practices of movement, sound, and psychology. I use the body as a physical and mental conduit for energy and thought to pass through, initiated by illustrative and free-form movements to discover the shape in (e)motion and to unlock the manic of the mind. I target the ways the body responds to multisensory stimuli and tap into how our bodies function as a map and a memory of our emotions. My work is designed to evoke the individual’s experience while exploring the modulation of the social gathering with the visceral hope of moving through what we feel, think, and experience together.

The main influence on my work is the combination and intersection of deviance, environment, and human behavior. Out of my own discomfort with social settings, I’ve always been fascinated with breaching norms. My sensitivity to social limits and the constrictions they put on the ‘self’ has given me the ability to expose quiet but known dysfunctions in social dynamics and the psychological space they occupy. While my own battle with anxiety disorder and depression has informed much of my work, it has also taught me that my medium has healing capacities for both myself and others. I’ve found this healing to be more powerful outside the traditional storylines of dance theater. Entering a dream state of surrealism to explore the psyche by being immersed in movement, sound, and a safe space gives us a way to confront and address the physical and emotional pain of the human experience.

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I create site-specific movements with psychological and social intent.

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