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Matthew Krawcheck

Studio Resident (2017-18)

Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Statement of Work

Combining drawing, painting and kinetic sculpture, Krawcheck’s hand-crank projectors revisit pre-digital presentation technology and explore ways of showcasing drawing and painting through high quality projections. As an artist and educator, Krawcheck has found it challenging to translate richly nuanced art images into digital presentation formats. In preparing his lectures and presentations, he has struggled to overcome the poor color fidelity, limited tonal range, pixilation and formatting issues that plague the digital media. Using projectors that he builds himself, Krawcheck has mixed and matched components of slide projectors and overhead projectors to maximize the quality of the images. Krawcheck has created drawings and paintings on rolls of transparent acetate and used his hand-built projectors to enlarge these images for his audiences. His most recent project is a slide projector that can be worn like a hat. Making high quality presentation technology portable and accessible, Krawcheck hopes his work will inspire others to reclaim our art and information from the grip of perilous technologies.

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I began building hand-crank projectors as a protest against digital presentation technology. In an age where techno-utopianism has become the de facto religion, my work defies digital supremacy.

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