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Nihan Yesil

Studio Resident (2011 - 2012)

Composer, Film, Installation, Multimedia, Music, Performance, Playwright, Video
Statement of Work

Regardless of the musical genre, I work on, I try to create a visual experience on the stage as well as a sonic one. I have been working on an idea that fuses my theatrical electronic compositions with my visual art. Overhead projectors have been losing their popularity due to the new digital projectors. I use this dying technology in a way that is similar to the screen used in Shadow Theater. Along with my original drawings on acetate and my paper art, I use unconventional materials for projection such as water, glass, hair, plants, and various found objects.

I create stories and bring the material together for a flowing narrative performance. This way, the visual element is not static; it is not a pre-made video. It is organic and recreated at each presentation, and the visual artist is also the choreographer and performer of imagery. The performance is heightened by the simultaneous creation of multiple stories. My intent is to bring these seemingly simple ideas together for the creation of an avant-garde art form. I want to take my art out of conventional concert/exhibition hall setting and create projections for unexpected spaces, and offer new audio-visual experiences to a wide range of audiences.

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