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Thayer Nicholas Granstrom Bray

Studio Resident (2014)

Artboards (2016)

Ceramics, Illustration, Printmaking, Sculpture
Statement of Work

My work concerns itself with themes of physical, emotional and psychological closeness, and how identity is constructed. These ideas are addressed through the depiction of a single heterosexual couple; their interactions and perceptions distort them physically, reflecting their psychological and emotional states.

These shifts are visually manifested in the anatomical distortion of the two figures, and the clear, contrasting dimorphism between the two. In each drawing of this series, the representation of the figures slides from naturalistic illusionism to flat expressionism, considering ideas of perception, self awareness, and body dysmorphia: how one views the other and the self - made visually manifest. Ideas of “real” people, sliding into idealized, semiotic notions of “Man” or “Woman.” My work investigates ideas of physical closeness, emotional intimacy, body dysmorphia, narcissism, frailty, snuggles, and the social and interpersonal negotiations which occur within heterosexual relationships.

I examine these ideas and the questions they generate through two and three dimensional work; utilizing single, and multiple sequential images of a single heterosexual couple. My artistic output is heavily influenced and informed by Mannerism/Baroque art, German Expressionism, and contemporary Comix Theory. Implied narrative is addressed in my early works through the use of repeating figures, scale, and colors within single images. My current work addresses these ideas through an investigation of more direct narration through the generation of sequential images. My media encompasses ink, brush, pen, ceramic, Sculpey, Bristol Board, and cast paper.

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In my work I use a single couple to investigate how identity is formed, how it came to be, and to what extent others affect that formation.

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