Artist Profile

Carlos Ortiz

Studio Resident (2016 - 2017)

Illustration, Installation, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Statement of Work

The prints that are being produced as part of my latest body of work deal with concepts of memory and nostalgia, loss, and separation, overlapped with visual elements of cultural and social appropriation, that otherwise illustrate two phases of my existence. The prints mirror family photographs that are being reworked through collage and drawing elements. The prints often depict a “missing figure”, symbolizing a turning point in my life. However, collage also works as a means to create a visual vocabulary of the different elements of everyday life the I tore from, to cope and replace the absence of an important family figure.

Much of these elements include products, personalities, and everyday activities that were thus foreign to me. The prints also hope to develop different components and begin to move away from the depiction of the “missing figure”. The body of work also schemes to bring focus the shift of culture that I experienced, from my hometown in Lima, Peru to my new life in Miami, by working with photographs that were taken stateside. This resolution, as well, plans to shift focus to different family members and their experience caused by this rift.

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