Artist Profile

Noël Morical

Studio Resident (2016 - 2017)

Fiber, Installation, Sculpture, Textiles
Statement of Work

My artistic practice is founded on utilizing color and repetition to formulate and construct objects, garments, and installations through curiosity and concept. I continually strive to understand and further emphasize the sense of conceptual and formal artistic notions as synchronistic, potent with potential, and relevant in a contemporary art context. I respond to manifested situations in new settings organically, allowing myself to be open to the influences that present themselves within new environments, material sourcing contexts, and communities.

Making is an act of responding. Environments and community feed us. It is invaluable to seek out new communities for larger connections to occur and for more information to be exchanged amongst a greater network. I want to further this notion and help bring people and communities together, creating greater opportunities for exchange. We are constantly pulling, reformulating, and arranging the information that resonates with us, and then augmenting those pieces into a greater whole. This is how we grow; this is how we create the visual culture of our time.

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