Artist Profile

Jennifer Wilkinson

Studio Resident (2014 - 2015)

Ceramics, Mixed Media
Statement of Work

Ceramic art is the movement of earth into a permanent state, much like a fossil; I like to think of this process as an archive of the textures of our time. I am most interested in starting conversations about the qualities of the ‘inanimate’ world. Movement and change are certain, even for seemingly static artifacts like minerals, sculptures, paper, and found objects.

Collage is at the foundation of my studio practice. Mold making allows me to fossilize industrial materials such as foam, 3-D modeled forms, and found objects. I arrange the ceramic and mixed media components by their sense of brutishness and ephemerality.

Influences of design and industrial materials and processes seep into my studio practice on a daily basis. Digital ceramic processes lend delicate perfection to the components and installations relating to a sense of our current age. I emphasize travel and the sacred place. I offer the viewer a chance to explore parts of real and imagined spaces.

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