Artist Profile

Maura García

Studio Resident (2009 & 2010)

Rocket Grant (2015)

Dance, Performance
Statement of Work

Maura Garcia (non-enrolled Cherokee/Mattamuskeet) is a dancer, a choreographer and the artistic director of Maura Garcia Dance (MGD). Her work is powered by a desire to perpetuate ancestral knowledge, actively respect the living earth and further social justice. Maura’s artistic creations reflect the power of stories to form and change our realities. Through narrative driven choreography she seeks to form connections, empower Indigenous cultural values and explore the rhythms of the natural world. In addition to dance for the stage, Maura choreographs for the outdoors and in response to specific places. Maura is sought out for her community engagement and cultural advocacy work.

Maura hails from the land now known as North Carolina and currently resides in the Midwest of A-ma-ye-li, also known as turtle island. As she travels the world, she continues to seek out opportunities that will allow her to dance, connect and create with others. 

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Every interaction with a living being is an opportunity to positively affect the world.

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