Artist Profile

Ke-Sook Lee

Visual Artist Fellow (1999)

Rocket Grant (2011)

Exhibitions/Performances (2000, 2006, 2009, 2011)

Fiber, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Statement of Work

Using thread as a mark-making device and reference to memory, both personal and universal, I hand-embroider transfigured women on recycled vintage household linen, which has history of being used by older generation of women, and fiber material. Recently, I have been coloring the threads and vintage fabric with the pigment from the acrylic pallet in my studio. Small individual works are gathered for the installation to transform the drama of growth and living things in life. Through the process of art making, meditation and patience are poured into thread-by-thread and stitch-by-stitch, the ambiguous transfigured images that flowed out with spontaneity from my unconscious, casted themselves on the work, like a shadow of my being.

Thread was chosen as primary medium for the work because it provides a sense of comfort and protection like we experience and receive everyday by wearing clothes. Thread also represents an ordinary household material that reminds me of my grandmother and mother, and how they used it all their lives and taught each generation how to sew and embroider as a necessary skill for woman. It seems to me thread is the most natural medium for making marks about the feminine experience. Cultivating thread and hand embroidery marks, the work compares women to plants, representing their growth from seeds to blossoms. Many women struggle with their ability to have both a domestic life and a career outside of the home. The work represents woman as seedpods, or flower with the potential to transform and bloom.

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