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Kyle Hatley

Generative Performing Fellow (2011)

Performance, Writer
Statement of Work

Here’s the thing: art should connect. It should jostle and upset, it should inspire and enlighten, it should entertain and ask questions. It should hold up the mirror. It should remind us of our humanity and make us question our self-design.

We belong to the conversation of what it means to be alive, of what it means to be human. We must connect to that always. We must be unafraid of the tough questions that might strengthen that connection and we must be willing to fight for it and never be willing to throw in the towel to maintain it. Without this connection, we are lost and our participation in the world is moot because our work is not about us. It never has been. It’s about them, our audience, our community, and it always has been.

I am not an artist because I fell into the spirit of it. I am an artist because I am not equipped to be a politician. I seek change, transformation, and collaboration. But above these things, I seek connection. I seek to participate in life. I don’t need fame and I don’t need riches, but I do need that participation. This is all prologue, however, to the artistic battle cry I must adhere to: “Only connect.”

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