Artist Profile

Laurena Roytberg

Studio Resident (2017 - 2018)

Statement of Work

My studio practice focuses on exploring how to filter my research on the grid, the feedback loop, and the human perception of optical information through the methods of quilt making. My process responds to traditional quilt making and the urban environment simultaneously. I approach morphing these ideas together with my knowledge of the language of painting.

I am working towards creating a quilted environment, an internal landscape of urban geometry, that can push, play and pull at the reader through their viewing experience. The boundaries between painting and craft are no longer important, they have crossed over. Forms and symbols develop over the viewing time. I am inviting the viewer in through blinking optical tensions up front and in your eyeballs. When the viewer stays a while, just like a pause to peer over a metal fence in front of a landscape at sunset, are when the forms begin to slow. Enveloped. Meshing the concepts of real place in real space in a new place.

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