Artist Profile

Jacob Banholzer

Studio Resident (2012-2013)

Exhibitions/Performances (2011 Biennial)

Installation, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Photography, Sculpture, Video
Statement of Work

Looking at the world with a skeptical eye, I create sculptures that comment on consumer culture and social issues. I enjoy using everyday objects and materials, and occasionally try to elude their certainty by carefully arranging and altering them. My work focuses on issues and questions that our consumer culture raises. By acknowledging my own role in the use of resources, I hope viewers will recognize their own role within similar situations. Within all of my work, I attempt to create a narrative from the merging of material and form, which I hope allows viewers to connect my work to their own experiences and memories. The intention of my work is to create a conversation, as well as to cause likely and unexpected reactions, which hopefully leads to further investigation into issues that have an effect on our existence.

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