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Paige Hinshaw

Studio Resident (2014 - 2016)

Sculpture, Textiles
Statement of Work

As I watched my sculptures blur more and more between handcrafted objects and manufactured products, I realized it was this contemporary ambiguity between art and commodity that I had become so captivated by. The majority of us do not attend art openings with the intent of purchasing works of art. After a brief hesitation, sales were made, artists were sold-out, and the competitive urges of shopping took over. With these ideas in mind, I decided to start out my year with the creation of my own brand of one of a kind products, which proved to be a very exciting and educational experiment.

While the launch of my new brand STATUARY designs was very empowering, with my new focus on the design I became very self-conscious of the work I was creating. I was constantly questioning the legitimacy of my design based work versus my work based in more traditional art practices. The practicality of my design work at times made my fine art based work seem silly and pointless. At other times the lack of a deeper level of thought made my design work seem worthless. I struggled a great deal over the last year with this insecurity. In the recent months, I have come to the realization and understanding that not only are both of these bodies of work important but that everything I create will influence everything else I create.

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