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Patrick Alonzo Conway

Generative Performing Fellow (2012)

Studio Resident (2011-2016)

Exhibitions/Performances (2011-2017)

Composer, Music, Performance
Statement of Work

My creative output over the past twenty seven years has been primarily comprised of large ensemble musical compositions that strive to marry the source materials gleaned from my musical training in the eurocentric environment of the music academy and my individual studies of musical traditions from other sources, primarily African based. Over the past eight years, I have also studied the Balinese Gamelan orchestral tradition, it’s compositional approaches, and have begun to create fusion works within that genre mixing Western, Asian and African elements.

The primary motivating factor behind the creation of these works has been a personal sense of purpose in highlighting the fundamental strength inherent in arts from other cultures around the world, while attempting to acknowledge my own cultural musical roots. Performing music within a variety of settings/styles and creating new music, be it through set composition or improvisation, has been a central part of my life from an early age. I am especially drawn to the ephemeral nature of real‐time, performance oriented art and the satisfaction gained through sustaining oneself in life from such an art form. My passion for music making currently grows in an attempt to subtly subvert the euro‐centric and hyper‐capitalistic mind set generally operative as the foundation of many undertakings in our consumer driven, commodity oriented culture. The search is to strike a balance between the need for self‐expression, the nurturing of a sense of community amongst participants in projects, promoting awareness of the “other” as a viable source of artistic inspiration and providing a living for oneself and hopefully others.

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Let love ground your expression and shake the world up, the search is infinite!

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