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Mazzy Mann

Studio Resident (2017-18)

Composer, Film, Music, Performance
Statement of Work

Mazzy Mann is a Kansas City-based performance artist and co-founder of UN/TUCK Queer and Trans Electronic Collective, whose work explores the loss of identity through themes of existential horror, film noir, vaudeville, old soul, jazz, and folklore. Through combining archetypes of 1950s and 60s American horror genres and existential ideologies with the modern transgender experience, Mazzy aims to address the trans perspectives of dysphoria, dysmorphia, isolation, trauma, and abuse. In doing so, they work to build a platform for queer voices, and normalize queer peoples into a broader culture.

In contrast to the colorful and celebratory approach of queer pop culture, Mazzy takes a back swing on the pendulum to the sheer horror of waking up and no longer knowing who you are. Using visceral film, music, and stage performance, Mazzy conveys a message that is truly hypnotic, horrifying, and eye-opening.

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There's a ghost in my closet calling my dead name

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